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Name Description Home Repo 3.1? 3.0? 2.0? Stars Properties
Fix My OpenAPI - A VSCode Extension by APIMatic APIMatic's VSCode extension helps you validate, lint, and auto-fix your OpenAPI files, along with other capabilities such as API transformations, API audit report generation, SDKs generation, and more. Link No Yes Yes Yes N/A
VSCode OpenAPI Editor VisualStudio Code OpenAPI tools Link Link No Yes Yes 320
KaiZen-OpenAPI-Editor Eclipse Editor for the Swagger-OpenAPI Description Language Link Link No Yes Yes 114
Swagger Editor Swagger Editor Link Link Yes Yes Yes 8752
SwaggerHub API design and documentation platform to improve collaboration, standardize development workflow and centralize their API discovery and consumption. Link No No Yes Yes N/A
Redocly VSCode Extension Redocly VS Code extension Link Link Yes Yes Yes 34
Stoplight Studio Stoplight Studio is a powerful GUI/text editor with linting and mocking built right in. The desktop version has been discontinued, but it runs in the browser, powered by your existing GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket repos. Link No Yes Yes Yes N/A
VSCode OpenAPI Snippets OpenAPI snippets and external file validation extension for VSCode Link Link No Yes No 9
VSCode OpenAPI Viewer The vscode-openapi-viewer extension is a valuable tool for developers and architects working with OpenAPI specifications, as it provides a convenient and interactive way to preview, test, and debug APIs within Visual Studio Code. Link Link Yes Yes Yes 5
draig-car This is a REPL OpenAPI3 description document text editor. It provides both a CLI and and a REPL you can use to test your APIs, but you can also test database queries, start and stop database (containers), generate fake data automatically, start your test microservice and much more. You don't have to exit from your REPL! Or you can use the CLI to do the same if you want, giving you the option to automatize your contract-first based dev cycles. Link Link No Yes No N/A
Xapi Platform Xapi is an integrated platform that enables you to implement a streamlined API-first design strategy with standardized API artifacts and collaborative teams. Link No Yes No No N/A
VSCode/openapi-lint OpenAPI 2.0/3.0.x intellisense, validator, linter, converter and resolver extension for Visual Studio Code Link Link No Yes Yes 52
Senya Editor JetBrains IDE plugin to show Swagger UI as a preview, for visual feedback as you edit. Link No Yes Yes Yes N/A
Atom/linter-swagger This plugin for Atom Linter will lint OpenAPI, both JSON and YAML using swagger-parser node package. No Link No Yes Yes N/A
Atom/linter-openapi This plugin for Atom Linter will lint OpenAPI YAML files using openapi-enforcer node package. No Link No Yes No N/A